We got a jump on the day; a 4:00 AM jump. The hound (his name is Rudy) we are fostering for a rescue, has had back issues (slipped disc). We have been taking him to a chiropractor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We missed our appointment yesterday – Melissa, my wife, has been fighting a cold. The good doctor said he could squeeze us in today. There was a caveat to today, however – it had to be either at 7:45 AM or after 4:00 PM in St. Paul. We are in the Duluth, MN area, and St. Paul is roughly 2.1/2 hours south of here. We picked the morning run.

Because we left for St. Paul so early, we return home before lunch time. Melissa headed up to power nap, and I set to work cooking lunch. Portobello-onion-pepperjack-cheese bison burgers with sweet potato fries. It turned out very nicely. Melissa went and continued to power nap with the hounds after lunch.

wax melting device

I did manage to accomplish a little bee related work. I sketched my wax melter idea and began work on it. I built the lid (I guess that is what I will call it). It is basically a wood frame with a piece of plate glass for the sun to shine through. I sealed the piece of glass in place with a messy bead of aquarium sealer I happened to have laying around. A coat of sealer and a glass cleaning, and my lid will be complete. I just need to build the vessel or rest of the box that will house the metal grate and wet reservoir; probably do that tomorrow.


Nearly forgot to the mention the bread; The Bread: Part II. Successful run of making bread this evening. Turned out much better than last night.