I could not help but think of Mr. Wu, from HBO’s series Deadwood. In the series, Mr. Wu was the go-to guy for disposing of unwanted bodies. Mr. Wu would feed the corpses to his pigs – the pigs would leave nearly nothing behind.

I was standing on the back steps of the house, watching two of our hounds have a mid-day snack; they each had half of a rabbit head. Three of our four dogs eat a raw diet (the fourth dog has digestive issues and requires a higher fiber, lower fat diet than what is provided by raw). Throughout the winter months, we tend to have issues with rabbits. It has not been particularly bad this winter; we have actually only had the live-trap out for a brief time in January. The one and only rabbit caught this winter was from in January; humanely dispatched, it hung in the garage – frozen – until this past weekend when I quartered it up for the hounds.

A dinner, a breakfast and a mid-day snack – the rabbit was completely consumed. Fur, nails, teeth, muscle and bone — all consumed. Standing on the steps, listening to the hounds crunch away on nearly frozen bones is a strange sound. Aside from my amusing thought of corpses being thrown to Mr. Wu’s pigs, a second thought occurred to me: these dogs certainly do not demand better taste; a third thought was that humans (Americans?), in general, waste a huge amount of edible food. Now, I am not going to start eating rabbit fur, nails, teeth, all their bones and the like, not am I going to try eating the bones the next time we have chicken legs. I think being more aware of how much food is going into the trash or into the compost pile might be a starting point for more people. I am aware of our food-waste situation – we compost most non-animal remnants; in the summer, fish parts will make their way into the center of a working compost pile. For some folks, it may just come down to portion control – less food on the plate, will result in both less food in the trash, and perhaps a smaller waistline.

wax melter

Change of topic now…

On the bee front, I took my day off yesterday, and built the wax melter. I decided against using the heat sinks from the Compaq, instead, I picked up a sheet of aluminum from a local hardware store (along with some nifty brass corners and a piano hinge). I bent the aluminum (seen the next photo) so the liquid wax will flow down into a catch vessel. I still need to get wax molds, but that can wait; we still have snow on the ground, and I have no bees (until April 10).

wax melter