We awoke yesterday to a brisk morning; -13F (-25C). The car was stiff and air felt slightly damp. It was cold outside; it was 4:30 AM.

My wife had to be into work early and since we carpool and work at the same place, I was headed in with her.

My office has no windows and is technically underground (; a mid-morning meeting had me heading above ground to an office with windows; much to my surprise, the sun was out. The snow was also melting.

Getting into work early allowed us to leave early; 1:30 PM. It was now 32F (0C). Roads were wet; water was flowing in streets; several street crews were out unplugging frozen storm drains.


In the evening, while walking into Target, I realized I was walking on pavement, not snow, not ice, not slush, just slightly wet pavement.

This morning…it was yet, again, cold; -12F (-24C). Last night, with it being Spring for a day, I thought I would take a look-see at some of my beekeeping photos. The sun, the relative warmth (for us) – it was great; I am looking very forward to the growing season as well as the bee &amp honey season.