alex, bee wrangler

It would appear another weekend has slipped by into the past. Much was accomplished this weekend. Saturday was cold and overcast, but we were out in the yard, none the less. The goal for the weekend was to get the Bee Corral built. It is less (and not intended to) keep the bees in place, but more to keep the hounds out of where the bees are to be. Located on the north side of our shed; morning sun, late-morning sun, and sun the rest of the day — the bees should like the location.

The spot has been neglected since putting up the shed three years ago; the dogs use it as a dumping ground during the winter, and I have used it to store rocks and bricks. The Canadian bull thistle found it quite agreeable, too. I did manage to pull most of it out; the those suckers have huge tap-roots!

On Saturday, we got posts in the ground and two section of fencing installed. It was cold out, but as long as I kept moving, I was warm in just a long sleeve t-shirt (the shirt was courtesy of UMD’s 2010 Tech Fest held on Friday). By mid-afternoon, it started to rain. We cleaned up the tools from the yard, and headed inside.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day. A bit on the cool side, with a breeze, it was great to be outside. Melissa was not feeling well, so, I soloed it with the exception of a bit of help with the concrete for the corner post. With a run to Menards for more lumber, gate hinges, and leg screws for attaching the corral/fence panels to the shed and corner post.

In addition to getting the anti-hound corral built, I cleaned out the grapevine beds of all the straw which had been used for keeping away the cold on the vines during the winter. With the beds cleaned out, I edged the dead grass (cutting my hand on a hidden piece of wire), and finally, I re-fenced the vine area. The hounds had destroyed the hog-wire fencing during the winter. The heavy snow received over Christmas, followed by the rain made for the perfect substrate for hounds to run on. The fencing stuck up out of the snowpack just high enough for them to trample.

While I had the huge mess of straw in the yard, I cleaned out the gooseberry patch. The gooseberry bushes appear to have little tiny buds on them.