Meghann Checking the Bees

The weather has been somewhat chilly, and the wind has been up, too. The week started off with a relatively nice, crisp, slightly windy day. Over the weekend, my sister, Meg, a pharmacist in the Chicagoland area, was in Hibbing (our hometown), visiting our parents and grandmother. She was staying through Monday, and decided to pay us a visit. She has been telling her pharmacy technicians about our bees. We needed to check the bees, check their feed pails and clear out any bridge comb that they might have built.

Meg was excited to check out them, and was completely surprised when I asked if she wanted to put on a suit and help out with the tending work. She put on the suit (yes, I put my suit, too), and we headed into the bee yard.

The MH Italians were, of course, feisty, and somewhat spicy. Meg, a cool, calm and collected person – from years of dealing with grouchy elderly people in her day-job, was at ease with the bees. We checked the frames; some bridge comb was present, and the interior of the hive had a bright yellow dusting. The Carniolans are just mellow. I sometimes think that, when I pull the top cover off, a billow of pot smoke would come rolling out, and tiny spliffs would be seen laying around (by the way, drugs are bad, get addicted to something like beekeeping — not drugs). But, alas, my overactive imagination settles down and I just attribute the mellowness to their race and queen and not because they are a hive of pot-smoking-bees.

robin's eggs

Garden Update

The carrots, from FedCo Seeds, are sprouting. But, scattered amongst the sprouts are raspberry bushes. They must have pushed their way under the buried timbers of the raised beds and found their way into the vegetable patch. I plan to let them grow, and then transplant them.

The Georgian Fire garlic is growing like mad. The tulips allow the side of the house, in the window wells, have flowered, the creeping Charlie in the backyard has flowered, the dandelions are popping, and the hops is now over 16″ inches tall.

We have a robins’ nest in a ladder that is hanging on the shed. We noticed it earlier in the week. This evening, while emptying the kitchen compost pail, noticed that the robins in the yard were particularly noisy. The compost bins are next to the ladder hanging on the shed. I took a look into the ladder; something blue caught my eye. I quickly got the camera.