Honey Bee HiveThings have been all a buzz around the Jokela household this week finishing up last minutes things to get ready for the bees to arrive!  The hives are now set in place, the fence is securely in place to keep all hounds away and the side of the shed has been stained.  Now all we need is the bees!

Tomorrow we will leave bright and early to head south to pick up our bees from Nature’s Nectar, LLC. Our niece, Hannah, would like to come with to see what all the buzz is about (ok, I’ll stop with the horrible bee puns now). So around 1:00pm CST we will pack everyone into the Xterra and head on out to Nature’s Nectar, LLC to get our bees!

On our way home we will be stopping to pick up a basset hound that needs a ride north to his new foster home. So Rufus will be joining us and the bees on our journey home!

I’m exhausted just thinking about how busy tomorrow will be…but it will be a great time all around! Family…friends…dogs…honey bees…life is good!

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