Around two months ago, I looked at the calendar and decided that I would take vacation from work for the week of May 17, 2010. As it turned out, I picked the best week, so far – this year, to take off. In the evenings, the temperature has been going to down into the 40s, and during the day, the high 70s. Few clouds, cool breeze – fantastic bee-friendly weather.

With an omega block weather pattern over us – moving slowly east – we are supposed to have excellent this entire week. Yesterday, I spent the day outside with the hounds in the gardens. I realized that I have too many seeds; bean seeds, corn seeds, pumpkins, cucumbers, wildflowers, oats, buckwheat, chinese lanterns, peas, radishes, turnips, parsnips, cabbage, lavender, onion sets, tomatoes, and I am sure I am forgetting more… Much like when I see a neat looking notebook, or paper journal, I randomly and near impulsively purchase seeds. When at the co-op, and they have the High Mowing Organic Seeds displays out, I have to purchase at least one packet of seeds. H-a-v-e  T-o.

Seeds do not keep forever, so, I started, yesterday, to use them up. We have a nice plot of land – nothing like acres and acres, but it is decent. I decided to put seeds in places that "looked empty" This, for the most part, meant putting the perennial flowers seeds in the bee yard (MJ would be steaming mad if I was plant perennials outside of the bee yard – particularly any of the wildflowers). A row of beans against a fence here, a line of onion sets by the potatoes and carrots, another line of beans by another fence section, pumpkins by the back of the bee yard where there is metal fencing to climb on. I also leveled off the dirt pile behind the garage and hand-spread oat and buckwheat seeds. MJ has eventual plans for a chicken coop back there; I see more gardens – chickens next to the house, maybe.

On the bee-front, the bees finally seem to be enjoying (can bees "enjoy"?) the nice weather. They are all out and about doing their bee thang. I was concerned with the MH Italians because at the last check – after the snow fall on May 8, I found the bottom board covered with dead bees. I cleaned the bottom board off, topped off the feeder pail and hoped for the best. The nice weather and possibly the Honey B Healthy with its magic – are helping to strength the colony. I have not fully checked either hive since this time (this past weekend); I peeked into the Carniolans and was prompted greeted with a sting through my shirt on my stomach. And, no, I was not wearing my bee suit, and no I have not learned my lesson.

It is really calming to watch the bees come and go from the hives. I took several photographs – they are posted on