March came and went, then April arrived. Very little rain in April, but things were greening up nicely. The willows flowered, and then the dandelions started their bloom. April left, and May arrived. There are a litany of various quaint and tired things people say about the weather in Duluth. I am a bit of a curmudgeon today, so I am not going to list these trite -isms. I bring this up, because, today, it snowed. I rather do not mind the snow; it is slightly annoying that I am not able to go out, dig in the dirt and the like.

Instead, I quickly gave the bees a feed pail check: alls is good. I suspect, up until today, they had been venturing out to obtain real nectar. I slipped a pollen patty into each hive, too – just to be safe. I snapped the photo before venturing into the bee yard. (Still snowing, by the way, as I type this out…)

After supper, I busied myself with getting some things seeded; cucumbers, a few corn seeds (going to test to see how well they grow when started inside compared with starting outside), and a planter pot of miscellaneous wild flowers (from a packet included as a freebee from American Meadows). Pretty slow evening.