We seem to have arrived in Boone, NC, with all pieces intact. No photos, yet, but, with hope…soon. A recap of the trip here: we left Proctor, MN, on Friday, after work. We arrived at MJ’s sister’s in River Falls, WI. The next day, we called it quits for the driving in Lafayette, IN. We did the swanky thing of staying in Walmart #1543’s parking lot along with a few eighteen wheelers; lot lizards were of no bother to us. The next morning, we headed out – south bound and loaded down – as my cousin would say.

For all the guff Diane Sawyer tossed at Kentucky, and with having not had a huge interaction with the locals, I have to say Kentucky was a lovely state to travel through. The rural areas reminded me of my home area in Minnesota – the Iron Range. You would just as likely find locals on the Range with poor grammar, and poor hygiene, with a penchant for stripped down cars on the front lawn as you would find in Kentucky or Vermont. Kentucky…you are all right.

From Kentucky, we zigzagged our way between Tennessee and Virginia. Virginia was beautiful. Large, regal looking homes on huge acreage in the mountains; some with cattle and tobacco operations. We crossed into North Carolina’s blue ridge mountains from Tennessee; most of the valleys and peaks were really quite something for this flatlander of the Midwest to behold.

The bee conference, thus far, has been very interesting. If nothing else, I learned a great deal on management techniques for getting your hives though winter in the northern parts of the country. I will write more on this topic once I get a better internet connection.