cherry desk parts

I probably first hit my fingers with a hammer when I was about four years old. It never deterred me from continuing to tinker, and later, making significant items like clocks, tables, and other furniture. I have also roofed buildings, remodeled houses and built outbuilding all before being able to legally drive. In the last two years, I have had twenty-two stitches. Seventeen in my leg from an angle grinder accident that nearly clipped my shinbone. My latest accident involved a table saw and my thumb. The resulting injury will leave a nasty scar and permanent nerve damage in my thumb. To the detractors who jokingly suggest that, when I injure myself while wood working, or metal working, that I should "stick to my day job as a computer programmer," I will say, "No, I am going to continue to make things."

With my thumb on the mend, it is all too apparent just how useful those opposable thumbs truly are to hominids. Buttoning packets, putting on a jacket, trying to use a rake in any successful fashion – all painful to say the least. But, I keep trying, much to chagrin of my wife. I do have to say that she probably is correct; if she did not give me that tone of voice, I would certainly tear my stitches.

The garlic is now in the ground, thanks to Melissa. With the house painting going, now, deeper into fall because of the abnormally warm weather, I was not able to plant the garlic in the beds I used last year. This meant less planted. I took up half of the garden where we, with a marginal degree of success, grew carrots this summer. The raspberries in the vicinity grew like crazy into the carrot garden this season. It will be a garlic and raspberry patch this next spring; probably just raspberries after that.

The projects, as I said, will continue. I have no plans of giving up on making. Melissa has been talking about getting a small flock of chickens this spring. We will need a coop, so I am going to take the winter to study up on coops, then design a coop (thinking with a green roof) and the build it. I will post updates on designs as I get more into it.

If you are just dying to see what my thumb looked like — here. It is slightly out of focus, but you get the idea. The photo is after one day of having stitches.