Alex has prompted me to write something.

Most days I come in contact with two people: al-who i share the house with-and my mother-whose arm i wrap just about every day (more on that at a later date). both of these people have memory issues. al is dealing with the residual effects of a stroke 8 years ago and my mother is dealing with the residual effects of living to the age of 87. interestingly enough, i’m often the one with the best memory. “best” here is obviously a relative term and it only really only applies to my short-term memory. long term memory has never been my long suit. i’m just too good of a fabulist. it must be the Irish in me.)
it’s said that steel sharpens steel. the meaning being, i think, that like things are best suited for this task. if this were not so, the saying would be that a banana makes a great sharpening tool. i’ve not heard this said. so i’m getting nervous. i ‘ve not been spending much time with whip-sharp individuals.
i;ve been known at various times in my life for my sharp wit, my sharp tongue, my sharp teeth, and razor-like stare. i’ve been know to make many cutting remarks. some of my observations have been not only insightful but also incisive.
but lately, i suspect that the knife metaphor is dulling abit. the edge is being taken off so to speak.
actually,a rather good short-term memory has held me in stead so far… i remember especially well things that i’ve eaten recently that were exceptionally tasty.. the scrambled egg with thyme on toast with a dash of hot sauce this morning comes readily enough to mind. as does the great 2006 bogle merlot that i had a few nights ago… an aside: i got the very last case at the liquor store which is something i’ll long remember, i’m sure. it was a coup. i also remember very well where i put my keys and my scarf and where you or you put y
but my inabaility to sharpen my skills on the minds of those around me matters not a shred to my mother. she has always prided herself on being the sharpest mind in town. her scrabble score is always substantially higher than anyone else’s. she does at least two crossword puzzles a day. but recently the lights are dimming in the short-term remembrance department. and she’s not a bit amused. in fact, when i mentioned that i was toiling at this blog ( and after i reminded her what a blog was-again) and that it was about the subject of memory, the air got decidedly chilly when i brought up her less than stellar abilities. she was again not amused.
she doesn’t take well to being less than perfect.
(being the slowest, clumsiest, roundest,last one to be picked kid on the block. i think i got that lesson learned very early.)

ah well… i’ve worked hard enough at this for now.later i’ll buff this blog to a sheen of published perfection.  if i remember i’ll also write  about the times that i’ve let the kettle boil down to nothing but pan and the ensuing billows of smoke that filled the house as enamel melted and metal met its match in heat. .. and about the smoke alarm which failed to sound as someone had forgotten to change the batteries.

say, that’s some damn good remembering!

2 thoughts on “memories

  • December 3, 2010 at 20:05

    this blogging is hard work!!
    i really admire you professional bloggers…
    as i’m basically a shoot from the hip and move on girl, going back and “editing” is a drag.
    lots to learn.
    thanks for the tip.
    love you, pal,

  • December 3, 2010 at 18:25

    Now you’ve done it…welcome to another obsession, my dear friend. And one more thing to remember…post post post!! Speaking of remembering and other age-related mindfucks, as my dear husband once said, “You know you’re getting older when you wake up in the morning and realize you’ve injured yourself sleeping.” At least we’re still remembering to sleep…and, so far, to wake up.

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