Well, it’s over.

We no longer celebrate Christmas. One good  reason is that no one is a Christian anymore. Christ’s birthday just doesn’t resonate. We’re heathens. This knowledge didn’t just dawn on us-we’ve seen it coming for quite awhile. It’s just that this year we said it outloud. As in, “happy solstice!!”. Lots of talk about the shortness of daylight and the longness of dark….we went on about the simultaneous lunar eclipse..quite the heathens. But the reality is that what with the grown kids work schedules and their living out of town, we just can’t get together on December 25th anymore. So we meet when we can and call it “the holidays”. Which got me thinking about that word: holiday. Of course it means “holy day”… that’s the easy part. The hard part is what makes a day holy. Certainly it should take more than to be on the liturgical calendar of some religious organization. Quite possibly something miraculous should be associated with it… fire, birth, death, blood… something more than enforced gift giving. Something along the lines of commemoration …that would make it holy..

So instead of going on about the fanciful acts of some equally fanciful fellow purported to live 2K+ years ago, we’re commemorating ourselves…our lives, our pasts, our people.. great and small. those here and those there.We told stories, laughed, had moments of silence when we all couldn’t help thinking about those who made the fires, birthed the babies, died too young, and gave their all..

Each year those crowded around the fire laugh and hold back the hands of time.. this year the clock actually stopped at 2pm.. what power in our little circle!!But we knew that it was only a small reprieve-new batteries confirmed what we all knew already: time marches on.

Celebrate what you have now. Remember the good things that have passed. Our own lives are precious enough to celebrate at least once a year.

It was so good to have you here.. thanks for making the journey, for lighting the fire, for keeping this small tradition going. for telling the stories, eating the food. for loving.