I must have missed the announcement.

It will probably be in the Hibbing Tribune one of these days. Most announcements are made after the event has taken place. And most ads are in a day or two after the sale has ended.It’s Hibbing… trying hard to come into the 20th century.

At any rate, it appears that there is a new venture in town. Actually, in the middle of town. Based on a daily  visual inspection of the site, I have to conclude  that what used to be the Memorial Building parking lot is now the site of the new Downtown Garbage Dump. Go Hibbing!! I knew you would be able to take a bad situation (high school kids dumping their litter-lunch bags, beer cans, liquor bottles, condoms, needles, shoes, ) and turn it into something that the whole town can use… another place to leave our garbage. Thanks Hibbing High School for your contributribution to the community. And I don’twant to leave out the Hibbing Police-thank you for ignoring the littering laws, and the laws prohibiting under age drinking. But, hey..I understand that sometimes you just can’t do your job. Don’t worry, it’s Hibbing and that’s O>K. Also I want to thank the previous mayor and the present one for never addressing this when it was a problem. But that’s o.k. , too.. time heals all wounds and now we have a growing trash dump in the middle of town. I’m thinking this will make it so much easier for the curlers when they come from out of town.. when they ask for directions to the Memorial Building, just say..”You can’t miss it! It’s right next to our new In Town Garbage Dump.”

Hibbing : Ore and a Whole Lot More – Trash