Under normal circumstances, I would be writing on my ag, hort, bee blog. But, I have had random thoughts that relate not to bees or agriculture, nor do the thoughts relate to horticulture or poultry. Thus, I turn to twopines.org for a guest-post.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Hound Gertrude</figcaption></figure>

In my family, my blood-family, the family that I am genetically a part of, summers are a time of odd events that tend to be looked upon with darkness and sadness. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents have passed during the summer months. I can add a dearly loved dog to that list now. Gertrude passed this past Monday.  It is tough losing a dearly loved friend.  She was my wife’s shadow.  If you did not know where one was, you just needed to find one of them to find both.  My wife is taking the loss hard.  She loved Gertrude.  I loved Gertrude.

When Melissa and I had first been together and first were married, we had a trio of dogs.  Homer, Sarge and Gertrude.  The trio is now down to a mono – Sarge remains.

We have other dogs, they are great creatures, but there is something that, whether it is purely an imagined force or actually real, exists for those special creatures that leave an impression on you.  Gertrude was a force in the house; her presence was always felt and the void it has left is sadly noticeable.  She shined brightly.  Rest in peace, Gertrude.