Bobby with the chickens

Well, after doing a little more research on our quail, we have realized that Bobbie is really a Bobby!  For bobwhite quail you can tell the males by the white on their head.  Hens will have more of a brownish color where the white is on the males.

Bobby is still hanging with the flock here and was even the first one in the coop last night.  He seemed to like roosting in the windows of the coops while the chickens roosted on the roosts.  All was fine this morning as I went to let them out.  Little Bobby just waited for all but one hen to go out (Goose doesn’t go out until I leave the coop, she has to say hi to me first) and then he walked up the ramp, out the door and down the other ramp.

For now as long as Bobby and the chickens are getting along fine we’ll just call him part of the flock.  So welcome to the flock Bobby!