Well, another heart walk is under my belt.  Todays walk seems to have been successful, even in this horrible economy.  I want to thank everyone who helped support me in raising funds, I was able to reach my goal of $500 again this year.  I also want to thank Alex, my mom and dad, Annie and Lisa F for coming out and joining me for the walk!  Here are a few memories from today:

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Bayfront Festival Park</figcaption></figure>

It was cold but people were still coming out to support the cause!

Large ship leaving the port

We got to see a large ship leave the port and announce it’s exit to the lift bridge!

Henry hanging out

Henry was very popular and was saying hi to anyone and everyone that would stop to say hi!  At this point he was joining some UMD folks for some snuggle time!

Henry and Champ nose to nose

Henry even was popular with Champ, UMD’s mascot!

Henry getting a pet from Champ
Henry posing with Champ

And finally…


Henry gave and received many many kisses today!