One of many roos

We were informed that there was a chicken swap taking place in Mahtowa at TJ’s Store.  Having never gone to a chicken swap, we thought we should go check it out.  So we packed up three of our extra hens, a Henry hound and headed out around 7:45am.

Upon arriving at TJ’s there were vehicles everywhere!  WOW!  We left the chickens in the truck and walked up to the main street/parking area with Henry in tow.  We didn’t make it very far before a man stopped us and asked if he could say hi to Henry.  Yes, a 6 month old beautiful basset hound puppy really catches peoples attention!  The man told us that they had a basset hound and currently have four dogs and run a kennel/grooming shop in Moose Lake, MN called Kennelz and Bitz.  We were talking about bassets, dogs, dog training and how these swaps worked.  They had informed us that they had gotten some guineas and we told them we brought a few layer hens with to possibly sell.  His wife was most interested to go see the hens and so were their two daughters.  So we walked back to the truck and showed them the two Buff Orpingtons and the Rhode Island Red.  They were sold!

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">One of many goats</figcaption></figure>

After selling them our three hens we finished walking around checking out all of the animals.  There were goats, sheep, cattle, guineas, chickens, rabbits and some dogs.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">The Crazy Guinea</figcaption></figure>

My favorite animal by far was the guinea that had been this old couples “chicken coop” guinea.  He was used to being spoiled so didn’t follow the other guineas lead by roosting in the trees and was more like a dog of the guinea world.  We literally just sat there laughing at this poor thing…he looked pathetic!!!

I have a feeling that we will attending more swaps just to see all of the animals.  One can dream about one day having a farm with enough land to have some of these beautiful animals!!!