Sunflower Rooster Pitcher

This past Wednesday was our 8th anniversary, so we headed out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Va Benne.  It just so happens that next to Va Benne is an italian ceramic/pottery shop and this shop had rooster pitchers in their window.

Let’s see…the 8th anniversary gift is pottery and there is a rooster pitcher staring back at us, how can that not be fate?!  Even better, the store was suppose to be closed but there was another couple in there shopping so they told us to come on in!

So we picked out one of the rooster pitchers and then read the history behind them.  You can read the full story behind the creation of these pitchers here.   These pitchers are suppose to bring  good fortune or good luck to those whom it belongs to.

Here is hoping that it brings the Jokela household some of that good fortune and luck!