Well, it has been a week since getting home from nationals and it was a busy week  trying to catch up from being gone over a week.

Last Sunday I was given the opportunity of a life time (we at least for my life time)…I was asked if I was serious about showing bassets and if so that there was a beautiful show puppy waiting for me.  I feel very very honored that Nancy thought of me to co-own and show this puppy.  I know how much she loved this little girl and how hard it was going to be to let her go.  After some discussion, Alex and I agreed that I should go for it!!

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Eve with the rest of the puppies last Sunday</figcaption></figure>

It turns out that I had my cousins Bar Mitzvah in St. Paul the following Saturday so we figured why not drive the extra 2hrs each way and go get little Eveleth (Eve for short).  So that is exactly what we did!!

Eve posing for a pic in our kitchen

So far things have gone really well.  She slept in her crate last night downstairs where all the other hounds sleep.  She went outside to potty on Oliver’s 3:30am potty break but otherwise slept pretty well for having only been in the house about an hour before bed time.  All of the other hounds welcomed her with open paws and Henry seems to be excited to have a younger pup in the house.  It may sound odd but it does not seem like there are five hounds in the house!

I know that this will be a learning experience for me but I am so up for it!!!  I am hoping to make it to Sioux Falls the last weekend in October to take part in a puppy show(3 mo+) and also to help out with all of the other hounds entered.  It is looking like little Eve’s first show, and my debut as well, will be in January at the Land O Lakes show in St. Paul.

I want to thanks all of the basset folks who have let me follow along the last 5 or so years…you guys are such great mentors…and workout trainers (from all the laughing).

So welcome Rabbit Run Eveleth to the Jokela hound family…I know we will have fun, learn lots and be successful in the ring!