It was a little over a year ago that I was sent the picture of a pup who captured my heart from the instant I saw her.  She had been bounced through four different homes and was currently living mostly outside in a kennel.  I felt this was no way for a dog who was only about 9 months old should live.  She had fear/insecurity/nervous type issues but we decided to try to help her get over those issues.

She was a pup full of energy and was very very smart.  I took her to three different training classes to try to help her get over that fearfulness, but it seemed that it was always there.  She seemed to do ok in our house but then in July her world got turned up side down when our Gertrude left for the bridge.  You see, Gerdie was our alpha and she seemed to help Maddie realize what it was like to be a dog living in a house.  With that gone she started to lash out and nothing we would try seemed to help her.

This past week she has bitten me (trying to get her off another dog but didn’t break skin), Sarge, Henry and Oliver.  This morning she got Oliver to the point that he yelped in pain for a few minutes and was bleeding from multiple places.  My head told me what we need to do but my heart says otherwise.  I feel like I’ve failed her and that I should have been able to save her.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">One of my favorite pics…so tall and noble!</figcaption></figure>

I know that she probably got a year of life that she probably wouldn’t have otherwise, but it is still very tough.  During the time with us she got to do things that a dog should get to do…travel, go snow shoeing, do agility, go to obedience classes, play and most of all, be part of a loving family.  I’m hoping that she will be freed of what bothers her at the Bridge and I’m sure that she will be happy to see Gerdie once again.  Homer I’m sure will be there to welcome her as well, as he would have loved her.

Until we meet again my dear Madelyn…we will all miss you here!!!