Well, the last month hasn’t been the best month of my life as far as my health is concerned.  After multiple doctor visits, an ER visit and numerous tests I still don’t have any real answers.  I’m hoping that with the next two tests I will finally have some answers and will be able to focus on getting well.

One thing I’ve realized during this past month is that even though it is easy to say “why me” it is best to say “that’s ok, I’ll be fine”…or as Alex likes to say “meh”.  I say “meh” to illness and I’m not going to let it win or get me down!  I think that Henry is a perfect example of not giving up.  I am truly amazed as I watch him as he goes about normal doggie things on a daily basis.  With his peg like leg he can’t always do everything he would like (sometimes this is a good thing) but he always tries and never gives up.  He has more heart than any other dog I’ve known and I think us humans could learn from him.  So from now on I’m going to live like Henry…I just hope I don’t get as many wrinkles and have much saggy skin as him!!!!

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Henry and Eve</figcaption>

On a positive note, Eve is finally eating!  Who would have thought that you would have a problem getting a basset to eat?! I guess she has now gained an appetite and was even caught trying to steal some food the other morning.  Hopefully this will help her grow and fill out a little more before our next show!!!

Henry and I are currently in obedience classes and it is going well so far.  With his leg it is a little bit harder for us to do all the commands as they should be done but he at least does them.  I’m just glad that he seems to be liking it and is following commands pretty well.

Alex is currently working on planning out our gardens for the spring.  We have big plans to turn a lot of our front yard into veggie gardens so he has been busy drawing up plans and ordering some seeds.  As soon as the frost leaves the ground we will put in fencing to enclose the front yard.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Balm labels</figcaption></figure>

Another thing that we have been working on is adding to the list of things we make with beeswax.  Last year we started by making soap, which ended up turning out very nicely.  This year Alex decided we should try some balms and salves.  Once again, I think that they have turned out well.  So far my favorites are the Lavender and the Tea Tree balms.

Until next time…