My sister, Meghann, lives in Japan.  Her husband is in the U.S. Navy, and she said to be me once, “Home is where the Navy sends us.”  The Navy sent them to Japan for three years.

I leave for Japan, to visit my sister and her husband, this evening; it is about 15 to 17 hour set of flights.

On March 19th, we travel to Takamatsu and the next morning, we are to meet a fascinating beekeeper, Syouichi Morimoto; he owns and operates a beehive manufacturing business.  These are not your usual Langstroth hives you or your father or father’s father accustomed to using.  The hives are more Warre-hive like – squarish boxes with cross members for the bees to hang their honeycomb from; there are no frames at all.  Morimoto-san also does not use Apis mellifera or the honeybees that are used throughout North American, instead he uses the native Apis cerana japonica.  

I am not sure I am excited per-se to visit Morimoto-san, but I am looking very much forward to meeting him and visiting his operation.

All that said, it has taken a lot of planning and communication with through a translator/friend of my sister’s – H. Okamoto.  Many thanks to Okamoto-san for all his help on this part of my adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Below, is the note from Morimoto-san on our upcoming visit on the 20th of March.