Minneapolis Sky Line from the UofM

Before I went to Japan, things had been bothering me.  I was not as happy as I would have liked to be with my day job; something felt off, out of whack, and unbalanced.  I need a change.  Melissa was not content with her day job; she could use a change, too.

We talked it over and settled upon exploring the possibility of moving away from the Duluth area.  Perhaps, even perchance, we move to Twin Cities area – Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota.  But, first, we needed jobs.  But before needed to look for jobs, I needed to head to Japan for two weeks.  Job perusing would have to wait until I returned from the land of the rising sun.

As much as I dislike Sheryl Crow, she was spot on with a change would do you good.  Japan was what I needed in March.  Japan was what helped me step back from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.  Slowly, the idea of moving for opportunities, for change, seemed more appealing.

Months before leaving for Japan, we had put our spring plans into motion; ordering chickens and ducks, and hoping to fence in the front yard for a larger vegetable garden.  Grape vines were ordered to place along the fence that divided the chickens from the dogs.  Last fall, we even started to cover the grass in the front yard with cardboard, compost and dirt.

Shortly after returning from Japan, I set to work retooling my resume and began to drop a line into the Twin Cities’ job pool.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago; I quit my job at the University of Minnesota Duluth for a job in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota in the Minnesota Population Center.  Melissa will be starting a job in the Twin Cities at a local home brew and wine-making-supply company doing odd job IT work.  We sold all the chickens in Proctor; we moved all the Proctor beehives to Normanna Township; we repainted the house; we refinished the hardwood floors in the house; we sold our house and close on the sale in late July.

In the mean time, I am staying with my in-laws in St. Paul with one of the hounds; Melissa will be joining me next week.  Looking for a new house to call home is most likely my least favorite part of this leg of the adventure of changing careers.  But that is purely a whine on my part.

So, no gardens this season, no chickens this season, and no hives at our home (at the moment).