Hounds on the BeachI have been tossing ideas around for the new property in St. Paul; gardens – where?, honeybees – yes or no?, fencing off part of the yard? – we cleared a line of buckthorn along the south side for a fence and we await our permit to begin construction, but at the moment, we are on the east coast of the US.  Mansfield, Massachusetts, to be more specific, we are staying at a Holiday Inn that is playing host to the Basset Hound Club of America’s annual National Show.

I have not been participating in the showings – that is Melissa’s arena.  But, my tacit involvement with the dogs and their associated people has striking similarities to other communities that I have participated in at one time or another.  Participation, collaboration or simply being interested in an aspect of a niche community – beekeeping, operating systems & software, non-agri-business farming, or, this latest foray into the world of show dogs – there are always the individuals that champion the cause.  There is also tends to be drama.  In the realm of the programming language ruby, there is an entire website devoted to the internal dramas of this subculture.

Perhaps it is simply my style or modus operandi, but I have a very hard time getting worked up, as it were, or even “hot under the collar”.  Maybe it is my general lack of empathy for my fellow humans.  Maybe it is my dislike for conflict.  I just cannot get into the drama.  There are also those individuals who are unable to get out of the drama.

I digress.  This trip to New England was not all drama.  We were able to check off the last state in New England that we had not visited: Rhode island.  Checking off the states one has visited seems like a petty child’s activity, but I still do it.

Beekeeping update, before closing out this post: we have yet to harvest honey this season.  Between no longer living into Duluth, to having to travel to the east coast, the harvest has just not materialized.  We are hoping to get back to Duluth this following weekend of Oct 13, 2012.