During the winter, I cooked up a travel idea: north. Not north in just a general haphazard fashion, but north with a bit of directional purpose.  During the winter, the pseudo-city-life that I now live kind of getting to me.  The couple of trips to the Duluth area had sort put a bit of spark into me: I needed to get away – just for a little while.

Project and work obligations kept me in the Twin Cities for the bulk of the winter and spring.  But, with my spring trip idea firmly planted, I focused in on northwestern Canada.  No real strong reason; I guess it is partly philosophical and partly adventurous.  I have been to lands near and above the arctic circle (Iceland and Finland), but North America and the northwestern part seemed very compelling; it not is essentially near to Minnesota, but not exactly easily accessible.

During the winter, when I was running numbers and routes for a possible trip, Melissa said she was out; she had to work and has limited vacation.  Besides, who wants to drive for 15 hours a day for multiple days in a row.  She said, maybe Andy would be interested.

Andy is a friend, a bit younger than myself, who used to live in Duluth a number of years ago.  He also happens to have grown up in Hibbing and his mother is a good friend of my mother’s.  I ran the idea past him; “So…do you think Jen would let you take a couple weeks to take one hell of a road trip with me?”

He was in.  I had him at “road trip.”

The planning commenced, and we arrived upon several possible destinations.  The overarching goal: Yukon and northwestern Northwest Territories.

I will fill things later with a bit more information later; I made it across the U.S. to Bozeman, Montana on Friday, May 17, 2013.  Andy and I drove to Canmore, Alberta, yesterday.  And, currently, we are taking a short break in Prince George, British Columbia.  The, above, picture is from northwest of Calgary and southeast of Canmore.

Tomorrow, the Yukon.