UPDATE: June 10, 2013 – As there have been several people finding their way to this page by searching for “cb radio dempster highway” – just as a heads up, we found the CB radio to completely useless on the Dempster (as well as nearly all of western Canada).  In talking with truck drivers on the Dempster as well as Yukon Highway workers, it sounded like either HAM radios are used or a land-based relay radio system.


We have been kicking it around Whitehorse for the last couple of days; mostly not driving, but we have seen some interesting things that I am likely to write about later.

I figured I would just post a note for the those following the road trip.  We will likely be off the grid and out of cellular phone range until [likely] Saturday, May 24, 2013.  We do, however, have a citizens’ band (CB) radio with us in the truck.  We are not without communication equipment; we are just not connected to the world.

_“Where are we going?” _you ask.  The Dempster Highway (also known as Highway 5).  We pick up an hour east (or so) of Dawson City.

The Dempster runs from there to Inuvik (and further north in the winter when roads of packed snow and ice are formed).  We, however, will be targeting the Peel River near Fort McPherson.  The river ferry is likely not to be running.  Just checking Northwest Territories Transportation department information, the Peel River ferry crossing will likely open the first week of June.

Once back to Dawson City or Whitehorse, I will continue to post about the trip; picking up with Stewart, BC.