I have a particular fondness for placing a video camera on a tripod, and just letting it record things for a while – usually honeybees, the dogs or birds in one form or another.  Often, I will speed up the film to add that bit of hilarity that things often lacks.

I think the point-the-camera-at-something-and-leave is a throw back to my childhood and watching PBS. The PBS station that we had in Hibbing came out of Duluth, and frequently, in between shows or segments, for some reason or another, they would simply have a very long shot of something from nature. In the early spring, the station would use footage of water rushing over ice – most likely, filmed up the North Shore. Last fall, I filmed a robin in the backyard completely by chance; the resulting video, to me, has that same WDSE feel from when I was a kid.

This evening, with the weather being so pleasant and the chickens being out and active in their run, I put a camera on a tripod and set it out there.

A bit of post-editing, an overlay of banjo, and you end up with a bunch of fast moving chickens.  If you watch carefully, you can see one of the hounds making a cameo appearance in the video.