If you are not fond of creepy-crawly things, you might not be interested in this short video. Basically, it’s a mole. Though, it is more like what remains of a mole. I came across the remains while out in the back part of our yard. It basically looks like the mole melted, but it actually the careful work of bacteria and insects.

I would guess the little thing had been deceased for several days.  I had been through the area where I found it just days before – picking up pears.  Perhaps one of the dogs did the little bugger in; maybe it stumbled upon the rotten pears in the yard, only to find out too late that they were covered with wasps.  Maybe it was dropped by a hawk.

I have been fascinated by the amazing abilities of insects to scatter flesh and make deceased things basically disappear.  If I had not stumbled upon the remains of the mole, it is likely it would have vanished in another day or two – inconspicuous bits of hair or maybe a toenail would be the only traces.  After a heavy rain, there would be zero evidence.