_DSC8353The summer solstice is tomorrow, it’s the official start of astronomical summer for the northern hemisphere. Meteorological summer, however, has been in full swing since the beginning of the month.  In Minnesota, in Saint Paul, the weather has been remarkably mild with lots of rain.  The gardens and yard are progressing nicely.  The ample rain has meant little supplemental watering of vegetable garden.

Today, however, I find myself in the central coastal region of North Carolina.  I accompanied my mother here to visit my sister.  Seasoned readers of this blog may remember that, for a time, my sister had been living in Japan; she returned to the U.S. last year, and now resides in North Carolina.  By my upper Midwest standards, it is humid here and it is hot.  When leaving indoor places with air conditioning (which is everyplace), my glasses fog over.

_DSC8301 Aside of the climate-difference from my usual place of residence, this region of North Carolina is a decent area to visit.  While heading out to a state park on the coast, we spotted dolphins in the coastal inner waters.  No wild dolphins in Minnesota; no sharks, either.  There is quite a different growing season here, too.  In the rural area where my sister and her husband now reside, there are several small plots of corn.  The corn in these plots has already tasseled; corn, in southern Minnesota, is barely knee high.

Melissa tells me that back in Minnesota, it’s been a bit rainy but otherwise nice.  The mom and I head back Monday.