Continuation of Lure of the Road (Parts 1 and Parts 2)

Idaho High Desert, July 2016
Idaho High Desert, July 2016

The rest of southern Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, and part of Minnesota lay in front of me.  One more night in a hotel – somewhere western South Dakota, two more days of driving.

A significant part of the remaining was high desert and shrubland.

I really did not meet anymore characters along the way.  Outside of Idaho Falls, I turned off the interstate and took US Highway 20.  Near Sugar City, it was a right Idaho 33 – heading east.

The altitude as I approached the Tetons began to creep up.

Forest fires near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, made the air smell like the old days at the cabin my family used to caretake.

The valley the Snake River flows through and the greater National Park of Grand Teton was teaming with traffic and tourists.  Some, quickly pulling over to get a photo of an elk or snow covered peak of Grand Teton.  The elevation, the way that the Snake River bisects the region, even the peaks of the mountain struck me as being like that of another park I had visited a few years ago: Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon Territory.  Tombstone, though, was Alpine and tundra terrain without another human for miles and miles and quite cold – snow was still on the ground.  Grand Teton National Park was quite warm, teaming with people, and hazy from the nearby forest fires.

Out of the mountains and back into high desert and shrubland.  The remainder of Wyoming was mostly two lane highway – much like Montana 200.

A stopover in Sturgis, South Dakota for the night, and I was home early evening the next day.