Do you remember as a kid, going door to door, dressed in something ridiculous – maybe a ghost or a Ninja Turtle?  That’s what I thought, you probably do.  I don’t.  In the mid to late 1980s, when I would have been at peak-trick-or-treating-age, our mother was deep into a fundamentalist christian conviction.   Halloween, All Hallows Eve,  was off limits.   No tricks.  No treats.  Lights out in the house.   Oh shoot__, that family down the block was out with their kids before sundown.  Our mother would ignore them at the door.  They’d keep knocking.

During the era where our father was care taker for a cabin on a lake that was about 30 minutes away, for several Halloweens in a row, we would put Betsy our basset in the basement of the house, pack up the minivan and head out the cabin.  On the way, we would stop at the video store to rent a movie, there was a pizza place next door, so we would pick up pizza, well.  One year, I distinctly remember our father renting the 1986 classic, Iron Eagle – the first in that franchise, the movie featured Louis Gossett Jr.  The cabin did not have a resident television, so, we would bring an early 1970s, portable black & white television.  The TV was all sorts of fancy – it had both UHF and VHF.  We would also bring our VCR.  How else were we to watch a movie?  We did not have a Betamax player.

By 10:00pm, the pizza was gone, and the movie was over.  Was it safe to the return to town?  

Looking at back on this era, it seems ridiculous.  Why did we have leave the house?  Would have ignoring the one or two early treat-or-treaters been a feasible option?  Likely, but abandoning the town which was clearly in the tight grip of satan was what my mother thought was reasonable and not ridiculous.

It certainly makes for those laughing moments with my sister;  I sent her a text this evening, do you remember watching Iron Eagle at the cabin, 29 years ago?  She did.