Alex Standing by a Fence My day job is always software engineering related. I have both a BS and an MS degrees in computer science.  I spent a large part of my career in academia.  About half of this time was spent working on things that impacted students.  This time can be split into aiding pedagogy, and helping answer questions related to student graduation and retention through the use of data.  The other half of my career in academia was spent in a large demographic and interdisciplinary research unit.  I focused primarily on software engineering problems related to spatiotemporal software systems as they relate to data on people and the places they lived.
You will likely not find much if any information on programming, software development/engineering, or much in the way of overtly-tech-things.  You can check here if you are curious with things-tech; don’t be disappointed, it going to be several out of date.  Or, if you want to see a seldom maintained list of academicy things that my name appears in — go here.
You are more likely to read my ramblings on beekeeping, travel, gardening, things in between and the occasional dive into something potentially nerdy, here on Snowshoe Bees.